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There are so many expensive house repairs that are not readily visible, these may include cracks that seem benign but may indicate that a wall could fall. A bowed lintel over a window, door, or garage may also indicate expensive repairs, as can unstable brickwork. An entire wall may fall down without notice.

As you can see for this project, a boom lift was rented, which was very costly to get into place and hard to operate safely due to wires and obstacles like the tree. It still wasn’t as versatile as a drone for seeing all the issues with the chimney that was damaged by lightening.

With a drone, we can see residential, commercial and historic problems such as:

  • mortar that has eroded over the years
  • sagging lintels over windows or garage doors
  • foundation movement that has created cracks in the arch above an entryway
  • ‘curtain’ walls around subdivisions can be inspected quickly using a drone
  • movement and cracks in historical facades