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Restoring historic Texas towns and their masonry is important for a variety of reasons.

Why it is worth the investment:

Preserving Cultural Heritage:

Historic masonry is a reminder of the past and its preservation helps to maintain cultural heritage and history.

Boosting Tourism:

Restored historic towns and their masonry can attract visitors and contribute to local economies through tourism.

Supporting Local Jobs:

Restoration projects can create jobs in the construction industry, supporting local businesses and economies.

Increasing Property Value:

Restored historic buildings often have a higher value compared to modern buildings, which can increase property values in the surrounding area.

Reducing Environmental Impact:

Restoring existing buildings instead of demolishing them and building new ones reduces the environmental impact of construction materials and waste.

Enhancing Community Pride:

The restoration of historic masonry can help to enhance community pride and create a sense of belonging.

Retaining Architectural Beauty:

Historic masonry often features unique architectural designs and details that add character and beauty to a town.

Supporting Sustainable Development:

Restoration can contribute to the sustainable development of a town, preserving historic structures while also meeting modern needs.

Promoting Education:

Restored historic buildings can be used for educational purposes, showcasing the history and culture of a town to future generations.

Encouraging Philanthropy:

Restoration projects can attract philanthropic donations and investment from those who are passionate about preserving history and culture.