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But why is masonry restoration so important? What makes it worth the time, effort, and cost?

As a consultant with over 30 years of experience in the industry, I have seen firsthand the value and significance of preserving brick buildings.

Brick structures hold a special charm, evoking a sense of nostalgia and history. They embody architectural glory that stands the test of time. However, this beauty and charm cannot be taken for granted. Without proper maintenance and restoration, brick structures can quickly deteriorate, losing their luster and structural integrity.

Unfortunately, the cheapest bids too often win in the construction industry. Owners looking to save money may opt for cheap materials or inexperienced contractors, leading to subpar restoration work that does not adhere to codes and standards.

But the problem goes beyond just cost-cutting. There are a lack of specific codes and regulations for historic restoration, making it difficult to ensure proper techniques are used. Additionally, there is limited guidance on seismic retrofitting, which is crucial for preserving brick buildings in earthquake-prone areas.

Moreover, there is a shortage of trained professionals in masonry restoration, with no upcoming workforce entering the industry. This means that there are not enough skilled workers to properly maintain and restore brick structures.

Public safety is an underestimated but crucial aspect of the conversation surrounding masonry restoration and maintenance. When brick structures are not properly maintained, they pose significant risks. These buildings may look sturdy from the outside, but hidden structural issues — such as weakened mortar, moisture damage, or seismic instability — can make them dangerous.

This is why masonry restoration is so important. It is not just about preserving the physical beauty of these buildings, but also their historical significance and sentimental value. We need to encourage action by calling for proper maintenance and preservation efforts and ensuring public safety. By neglecting maintenance and restoration, we risk losing a piece of our architectural heritage.

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