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Wednesday, February 28, 2024 12 Noon

Place: Reata Restaurant

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Investigating Existing Masonry

Presented by:

Mr. Alan Pettingale


Specialized Masonry Restoration’s Alan Pettingale has thirty years of professional experience in masonry repair systems, site assessment surveys, forensic testing and implementing a wide range of remedial strategies for masonry stabilization.  Alan’s expertise is in the application of masonry restoration for schools, churches, colleges, historical, residential and commercial buildings in the United States and England.

He has co-authored papers on cavity wall tie corrosion investigation and lateral restraint anchors.  He also has a continuing education Historic Masonry Workshop available at The Masonry Society.

Mr. Pettingale serves on the Existing Masonry Committee of The Masonry Society.

Presentation Description:

Identifying masonry veneer anchorage concerns and specifying remedial wall tie systems

·         Appraisal of existing construction

·         Choice of repair strategy

·         Options for remedial tying systems

·         Repair techniques

·         Troubleshooting

Identifying stability concerns with unreinforced masonry structures and specifying remedial stabilization

·         Lateral restraint anchors for stabilizing existing brick walls

·         Post-installed mortar joint bed reinforcement

·         Cementitious vertical installed anchors in Historic facades