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What He brings



I grew up in Kingston-upon-Hull on the east cost of England. After seven years in the British military and traveling the world, always having liked historic buildings, I looked for an outdoor job and started working in historic masonry. I traveled to the US on vacation to give a talk to the Corps of Engineers at Ft. Knox in Kentucky, and realized that America was the place for me.

I now have thirty years of professional experience in masonry repair systems,
* I assist engineers and architects in forensic testing; both destructive and non-destructive
* I implement a wide range of remedial strategies for masonry stabilization on historic buildings
* I consult with architects and engineers on the application of masonry restoration for schools, churches, colleges, historical, residential and commercial buildings in the United States and England.
* I am also a well-known speaker.
* I have co-authored and presented papers on cavity wall tie corrosion investigation and lateral restraint anchors.
* I have also created a 6.5 hour continuing education Historic Masonry Workshop available at The Masonry Society’s site.
* I serve on the Existing Masonry Committee of The Masonry Society.
* I am also a Mentor with The Masonry Society
* I created BrickTalk.Live, a podcast about masonry and restoration
* I have restored thousands of historic commercial and residential buildings
* I have patented three systems

Alan Pettingale

Alan Pettingale

Owner of Alan Pettingale

Professional Experience

  • Alanpettingale.com, Masonry Restoration, DFW area, Texas, 2017 to present (owner)
  • Consultant and Mentor for The Masonry Society
  • Specialized Masonry Restoration, U.S.A. 2003 to 2017 (president and founder)
    Implemented masonry repair and anchor stabilization on a wide variety of structures and buildings, from churches, schools, universities, historical, and historic residential homes.
    • Replaced/installed thousands of remedial wall ties to anchor masonry veneer where existing wall ties have corroded or missing.
    • Applied all forms of traditional lateral restraint anchors in historic buildings to stabilize moving walls.
  • Structural Repair Services, England 1996 to 2003
  • Surveying buildings for wall tie corrosion and research and development of new repair strategies for masonry restoration and training technicians/Crew
  • WT Fixings, England 1994 to 1996
    Subcontractor working on Historic bridges and structures, ranging from viaducts to dock walls in London using a range of diamond coring equipment.
  • Brick Tie LTD , England 1987 to 1994
    Area manager in charge of installing remedial wall ties and quality control, surveying buildings, working with Engineers and Architects

Consulting Relationships

  • Consultant for Tom Witherspoon Engineers TX
  • Consultant for Isbell Engineers TX
  • Consultant for Huckabee Architects and Engineers TX
  • Consultant for Atkinson and Nolan CO
  • Consultant for Whitlock Dalrymple Poston & Associates VA
  • Consultant for Nelson Forensics, Architects and Engineers, TX
  • Consultant for Forensix Consulting, LLC, TX
  • Consultant for Envista Forensics, TX
  • Consultant for Wiss, Janney, Ellister, Engineers & Architects

Projects in US

  • University of Texas, Seven Structures, Denton TX
  • Heard House Museum, McKinney TX
  • Legacy Shopping Mall, Dallas TX
  • McNair School. Denton TX
  • Royse City Church TX
  • Saint Marks Church, Houston TX
  • Westwood Apartments, McKinney TX
  • Kimball Homes, Fort Worth TX
  • University of San Antonio, San Antonio TX
  • Substantial number of residential homes in Texas

Projects in UK

  • Historical Edwardian houses and structures
  • Historical Victorian houses and structures
  • Bridges / Viaducts
  • The oldest was York Wall in Yorkshire built by the Romans
  • Substantial number of residential homes installed with remedial wall ties pre-1945

Other Information

  • British Army England 1978 to 1986 Honorable discharge
  • Naturalized U.S. Citizen 2010

White Papers

  • The Hidden Problem – A keynote presentation about masonry problems, given to the Foundation Repair Association at there Annual Seminar meeting 2004 and was published in the Fall 2004 issue of On The LEVEL, the association newsletter
  • Article “Stabilizing Traditional Masonry Buildings” by Amy Johnson, which appeared in the Fall of 2007 issue of Traditional Magazine
  • Mr Pettingale was interviewed for Dallas/FortWorth Construction News in August 2005 “Giving all you have got”
  • Consultant in 2008 to Mr Tom Witherspoon PhD P.E. assisting with masonry repair for his book Infrastructure Evaluation Maintenance and Repair
  • Archway Repair – A video for masonry professionals demonstrating the use of theSimpson Heli-Tie™ anchor system to reinforce and repair masonry Archways 2010
  • Wrote a paper for the 11th North American Masonry Conference 2011, “The Use of Lateral Restraint Anchors for Stabilization of Multiwythe Masonry Walls”


  • Structural Engineers Association of Texas (SEAoT) Dallas and Houston
  • Foundation Repair Association of Dallas (FRA)
  • Army Corps of Engineers in Fort Knox, Kentucky
  • Historic workshop for Brownsville TX
  • Kimball Homes Corporate TX
  • Masonry Institute of Iowa
  • The Masonry Society in Florida  Annual Meeting
  • The Masonry Society in Texas Annual Meetings in San Antonio and Dallas
  • The Masonry Society in Pennsylvania Annual Meeting
  • The Masonry Society in Texas Annual  Meeting
  • The Masonry Society in Colorado Annual Meeting

Patents & Patents Pending

  • Designed a unique remedial system for anchoring masonry veneer (Patented)
  • Designed a pointing machine for raking out existing mortar joints on Historic buildings (patent pending)
  • Designed a system using the most up to date imaging techniques to install remedial wall ties

Professional Associations

  • The Masonry Society (TMS) Voting member of the Existing Masonry Committee.
  • Foundation Repair Association of Dallas (FRA)
  • Association for Preservation Technology International (APT Texas)

Continuing Education

  • Attended a course in England for Cintec Hark cementitious anchor systems and adapted these for all types of properties and structures.
  • Attended a course in England for specialized anchor systems, Helifix Mortar Bed Reinforcement
  • Member of the Wall tie installers Federation England